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What I Do

I am a one-stop Web Specialist. I perform all design, business analysis and custom coding in-house. Nothing is outsourced. I take 100% ownership of all client projects to ensure the expected return on their investment (ROI).

Web Design

Visually stunning website designs that are fully responsive (RWD) and user friendly.


Development of custom business Web Applications including E-Commerce.


No matter the cost, a website is worthless if it cannot be found.

Latest work

A sampling of some of my recent work. Responsive (RWD) websites, built on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform, showcasing a diverse cross-section of industries.

MarComm Media

MarComm Media

MarComm Media Group is a 360 degree media, marketing and advertising firm.

Dancing Tomato Caffé

Dancing Tomato Caffé

Dancing Tomato Caffé is a family owned and run restaurant in Yuba City, California.

Ipsum social

Ingram  |  Olheiser

Ingram | Olheiser is a Casper, Wyoming based law firm with a statewide practice.


"Anthony is independent and very capable of leading large-scale projects. He has been a significant contributor to the success of our company and clients. As a former Vice President from Tower Records, I appreciate Anthony’s energy and ability to relate to people of all ages. He has his finger on the pulse of technological trends and is constantly looking for opportunities to infuse his passion and purpose into his work environment."
Stephany Jordan, Co-Owner
MarComm Media Group

"Anthony is a seasoned ASP.NET developer with solid SQL Server database experience. Over the course of thirteen years, Anthony has taken ownership of application projects covering everything from Web Applications, Console Applications and Web Services."
Ken Sra, Deputy Director
Sutter County Information Technology Division

"Anthony’s hunger for knowledge is relentless. With a heavy workload at his day-job, he has dedicated evenings and weekends to projects for my company. All the while, Anthony still manages to remain relevant. He is constantly studying and honing his skills to ensure he’s not only up-to-date, but ahead of the technology game."
Heidi Gardner, Owner
Box Twenty Two

"Anthony created a public-facing marriage license application, which had been a source of frustration for me personally with the outsourced clerk’s software system. The vendor had been working unsuccessfully on the interface, which prompted me to contact our internal IT department for help. Anthony not only wrote an easy to use application for our public kiosks as well as the Internet, but did it in less than the anticipated timeframe. The application process has been greatly streamlined in our office and has allowed our customers the convenience of entering their information from the comfort of their home."
Donna M. Johnston, Clerk-Recorder
Sutter County Elections

Let's talk

Have a question about anything at all Web-related? There is no such thing as a stupid question, so feel free to pick my brain! I will get back to you ASAP.